M-226 - M-440

The blenders are used to mix solids in liquids. In the food-processing industry, they provide a perfect solution for reconstituting powdered milk, making syrups, preparing brines, etc. They can also be a solution to preparing solid-liquid mixtures in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and chemical industries.


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MM-1, MM-2, MM-3 Table Blender

The table blender is used to dissolve solid/powder products in recirculated liquids. It has a wide range of applications, for example, preparation of pharmaceutical syrups or dissolution of pectin in glucose for marmalade production. Every model has an option with an in-line mixer for a complete dissolution of possible lumps. The typical applications are reconstitution or stabilization of milk in the production of dairy products, and dissolution of sugar for the production of syrup in the beverage industries.

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MM-1 MM-2 MM-3 Table Blender

MH-20 / MH-26

The horizontal blender is used to dissolve solid/powder products into a circulating liquid. The unit is limited to the suction of small amounts of solids as the blender has no table for bags and the hopper is smaller than that of the table blender.

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MH-20 MH-26 Horizontal Blender

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