Valve Manifold

Manifolds of the INOXPA valves allow to centralize the functions of one or various tanks in a modular way, enhancing the efficiency of the system and control over the process.

Manifold is an automated alternative to the flexible hoses and the flow divert panels with changeover bends. The automation of the operation results in safety, flexibility and it will pay off its cost very fast.

One manifold applied to various lines allows cleaning of one tank while the other is being filled or emptied preventing any risk of product contamination.

This solution has applications in the food-processing industry, for example, in production of dairy products, juices, in breweries, as well as in the wine production, and in the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries.

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Flow Divert Panel

Manual manifolds are widely used in the pharmaceutical industry in applications requiring the flow to be diverted from one pipe to another in a safe manner and with no risk of contamination.

As a result of its design, the installation is completely free of dead zones or possible intrusive elements that might act as a potential origin of contamination.

The parts in contact with the product are manufactured with ASME BPE components that are provided with the required certifications and traceability.

The panel can be provided with valves to open and shut the flows before and after the process.

Small amounts of the product may leak out on changing the divert elbows. The product is collected in a tray located under the panel.

We offer inductive sensors for total safety. A signal of a successful position change of the elbow is sent to the control system. Any handling mistake is avoided.

Pharmavalve Manifold

Pharmavalve manifolds, manually or pneumatically actuated, are especially recommended for the most critical hygienic and aseptic applications of the pharmaceutical, bio-pharmaceutical industries and clean rooms.

Pharmavalve manifolds enable excellent CIP/SIP results.

Pneumatic actuators are manufactured in stainless steel.

There are different configurations of valve bodies that enable any manifold assembly.

Other diaphragm materials are available according to the product or application.

There are various devices for valve control and manifold automation (e.g. external sensors, external solenoid valves and control units, etc.).

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