Saunders ® Actuator Accessories

Saunders thoughtfully designed accessory portfolio provides you with the final elements necessary to configure an automated valve solution to precise control requirements. However hazardous the environment or specific the application, we have a robust, compact and proven solution. Our accessories have been installed in countless oil and petrochemical, biotech, chemical and power plants across the world, as well as in less demanding environments.

Simple to mount and set, our accessories are designed with fewer parts for extra reliability. Many are compact enough to be easily installed and maintained where space is at a premium. Modular versions can be used with more than one type of valve or combined with other accessories in the range to provide even more combinations. They can often be transferred to another process when their original purpose has been fulfilled

Model Size Range Style Material Solenoid Switch Box Positioner Air Filter Hand Wheel
EC DN8-50 Weir PES x x x    
ECX DN65-150 Weir SiAI x x   x  
ES DN15-250 Weir & Stright Through SiAI x x x x x

x = Available

Solenoid Valves

A wide range of locally mounted banjo solenoid valves can be fitted to the Saunders® actuator range with a manual override position and various hazardous area classifications. The solenoid range is designed to cover all requirements.


007 Switchbox

Modular switch-boxes are available for the ES Modular actuator range. Offering a wide range of both mechanical and proximity switches as well as other options, i.e. ASi-interface


Economical, compact and lightweight switchbox suitable for the EC actuator. Self setting, which minimizes validation/set-uptime, it is available with mechanical or proximity switches including an intrinsically safe option

MODULE Switchbox

This module switchbox option is available for EC and ECX actuator ranges. The switchbox offers a wide range of mechanical and proximity sensors with space for up to 4 switches, integral solenoid valve and ASi interface (which can be retrofitted)


ES Positioner

Provides precise control of the flow through the valve. This long life corrosion resistant range suits a wide variety of applications with reliability and accuracy. Available as pneumatic, electro-pneumatic, intrinsically safe and explosion proof, together with a variety of feedback options. A digital option is also available.

Mini Positioner

For control application using an EC actuated valve, Saunders® offers pneumatic, electropneumatic and digital inputs with sensor feedback option and linear mounting design providing a compact control solution.

Intelligent Sensors

The VUE range of intelligent sensing options providing industry leading reliability, accuracy and reduced cost of ownership

Saunders® I-VUE

Saunders® I-VUE is an intelligent valve sensor delivering enhanced diagnostics to optimise plant efficiency, offers remote/self calibration and provides industry leading accuracy/reliability.

Saunders VUE Brochure

Saunders® M-VUE

Saunders® M-VUE is a highly compact intelligent valve sensor designed to provide optimum accuracy, offers remote/self calibration capability and facilitates the most space efficient system design.

Saunders VUE Brochure

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