Saunders® EC

Saunders® EC actuator is a compact, lightweight, piston type pneumatic actuator developed specifically for Life Science applications. Manufactured from PES (Polyether Sulphone), a high performance thermoplastic, to provide outstanding mechanical strength, chemical resistance and thermal properties. The EC features compact size envelope and a smooth exterior profile that includes shrouded fastener design for 2 Way Bodies and slotted base for use on Machined Block bodies.

EC actuators are available in sizes DN8-50 (0.25" - 2"). Available in failsafe spring to close, spring to open and double acting modes, the EC provides class leading closure performance for utility and process applications in the Life Science industry and maintains a highly compact size envelope and lightweight construction

Technical Data

Size Range: DN8-DN50 (1/4"-2")
Temperature range: -10° C to +100° C
Accessories available: Solenoid valve, switch box, and positioners can be fitted
Applications: Suitable for chemically aggressive environments and sterilisation by steam, dry heat or chemical methods


Saunders® EC Actuator, PTFE Performance - Datasheet (EN LT)

Saunders® EC Actuator, Materials of Construction - Datasheet (EN LT)

Saunders® EC Actuator, Elastomer Performance - Datasheet (EN LT)

Videos and Animations

EC with I-VUE Installation

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