Kinetrol 1/4 Turn Vane Actuators

Comprise the simplest and most reliable mechanism for quarter-turn rotary actuation in the operation or positioning of ball, butterfly and plug valves.


  • Single moving part - Simplest and most reliable mechanism for quarter-turn rotary actuation.
  • Close couple control modules - Fail-safe spring returns, limit switches, positioners and solenoid valves all close couple to the actuators.
  • No cranks or gearing - No power loss or backlash - allows accurate positioning.
  • Durable corrosion resistant finish - Long maintenance-free life Up to 4 million operations guaranteed.
  • Compact - space saving – efficient - Best torque/size package available, fast operating speeds, best air consumption, proven design.
  • Millions of units in trouble free service all over the world
  • Choice of male or female output drive square - easy to interface to application
  • Unique serial number for identification and traceability

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K-TORK 1/4 Turn Vane Actuators

K-TORK Actuators + Controls represents the future of valve automation. The vane actuator is a ‘True Rotary’ actuator that does not require the conversion of a linear motion to a rotary motion. The result is a simple, highly accurate and reliable quarter-turn pneumatic actuator that is specified for the most demanding process flow control applications.


  • Torque outputs up to 18,300 Nm (155,000
  • Simple, one moving part
  • Compact industry-leading torque-to-size ratio
  • Easy to convert from double-acting to spring-return
  • Precise modulating for ¼-turn control valves
  • Low-friction, dual-opposed lip seals provide extremely long life
  • Totally-enclosed, non-ventilated spring housing
  • Low-stress spring for long-life
  • Integral NAMUR VDI/VDE 3845
  • No pressure-retaining O-Rings
  • Fast operation with large ports and no air restrictions
  • Fully AWWA #C-541 compliant
  • Standard 80-100° rotation, adjustable
  • Standard temperature rating -30° to +80°C (-20° to +175°F)
  • Standard working pressure 10 bar (150 PSI) rating, most models
  • Standard ISO 5211 drive on all S/R models


  • High-temperature to +150°C (+300°F)
  • Restricted travel to 30° rotation
  • De-clutch gear manual override
  • ‘RANGER CG’ Corrosion-Guard finish
  • Integral air fail-safe reservoir
  • Full range of O/C, Modulating or Bus Network controls from stock
  • Retrofit and Factory Fit linkage kits, valve automation services
  • Mild steel coupling broached to match actuator drive shaft
  • Male shaft adapter for spring-return models

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