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When it comes to know-how, experience and product range within the field of filtration, you won't find a better business partner than SPX. Years of intensive product development on a worldwide scale have enabled us to offer you a complete range of filters and process filtration equipment to match any processing requirements within industries as diverse as water, oil & gas, food & beverage and chemical.

Plenty Simplex S-Type Basket Strainers

A general purpose cast single basket filter, suitable for use on liquid and gas, fitted with a quick-release cover for ease of maintenance. Used where the flow can be isolated so the basket can be removed for cleaning.

Plenty Duplex D-Type Basket Strainers

Plenty offers a large range of cast Duplex (Dual) basket filters for use on liquid applications. With all designs offering integral changeover of the filtration chambers, the Plenty Duplex offers a safe and reliable way of providing continuous operation during basket cleaning. The integral changeover arrangement also gives a small footprint and minimal face-to-face dimensions. For duties with large flow capacities, Plenty offers the Large D Type Duplex which offers continuous filtration during the cleaning process.

Plenty Self-Cleaning Filters

Plenty offers Self-cleaning filters for liquid duties requiring continuous filtration without interruption to the flow during the cleaning process. Self-cleaning filters are available in either manual or automatic versions with standard design options for either low pressure (14 BARG) or high pressure (35 BARG) system. In operation, the liquid enters the body and flows through the element from outside to inside. Debris is collected on the outside of the wedge wire element, which is cleaned without flow interruption by rotating the cylindrical element against twin scraper blades. The debris accumulated during element rotation is deposited into the bottom of the filter body from where it is periodically discharged, manually or automatically.







Strack Strainers

S29 – Strainer supplied as either a Straight pattern or Y-pattern body for use in front of measuring equipment to protect sensitive valves, pumps, aggregates and similar plant components under consideration of the material resistance.


NPS 1/2" - 10"
Class  4500
Temperature Rating -196°C up to +650°C
Shell Materials  Low Temperature Carbon Steel
Stainless Steel
High Temperature Stainless Steel
Other special alloys
Connections Flanged Ends
Butt Welding Ends
Socket Welding Ends
Threaded Ends
Other connections as required



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