Saunders Diaphragm Valves

Heap & Partners are one of the worlds largest stockists of Saunders diaphragm valves. Indeed the companies links with the diaphragm valve go right back to P.K. Saunders original idea, when in 1933 Heap & Partners helped to finance the setup of the the Saunders Valve Company. Since then Saunders Valves’ and Heap & Partners’ knowledge of it have evolved enormously. Today we not only hold vast stocks of Saunders valves for immediate call off, but our technical sales can help you select the right materials for your duty. This is a critical step in the selection process and should only be undertaken with the backing of our trained personnel. In addition to the Saunders industrial and hygienic diaphragm valve range, we also stock the ‘M’ type ball valve, ‘NX’ non return valve and Centreline butterfly valve range.

Saunders Glass LinedSaunders® Glass-Lined Industrial Diaphragm Valves

Glass – Specialist blue borosilicate lining available in both weir and straight through designs.

Saunders Glass LinedSaunders® Plastic-Lined Industrial Diaphragm Valves

Available in the weir type design and with a number of lining options to suit corrosive line service.

Saunders Glass LinedSaunders® Rubber-Lined Industrial Diaphragm Valves

Available in both weir and straight though designs and with a number of lining options to suit both aggressive and abrasive line service.

Saunders Glass LinedSaunders® Unlined / Alloy Industrial Diaphragm Valves

Available in all designs with both screwed and flanged ends. Range of materials so suit the media.

Saunders Glass LinedSaunders® IDV Automation

When manual operation is inadequate or inconvenient, Saunders offer a variety of actuators covering valve sizes up to DN250, for different line and operating pressure options.

Saunders Glass LinedSaunders®  Industrial Diaphragm

The Saunders® Industrial Diaphragm Valve, developed more than seventy years ago, has evolved to handle more fluids, gases, solids, and powder than any other type of valve.

Saunders Glass LinedSaunders® Specialist Fire Hydrant Valves

Specialist fire hydrant valve available for use with both saline and clean water.

Saunders Glass LinedSaunders® NX Check Valve

The Saunders NX Check Valve offers unidirectional, full-flow design, corrosion resistant linings and low pressure and vacuum duties.

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Saunders® IDV – Brochure (Condensed – A4)

Saunders® IDV – Brochure (Expanded – A4)

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